Wolverine Multishox vs Durashocks – Which One Is Better

Are you tired of dealing with sore feet and aching legs after a long day on the job? Look no further than the Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks. These state-of-the-art work boots feature advanced cushioning technology to provide maximum comfort and support for your feet due to their unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. Whether pounding the pavement or trudging through mud, these boots are designed to keep you safe and comfortable. But which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Wolverine Multishox vs Durashocks, comparing their features and benefits to help you make an informed decision. So if you’re ready for reliable performance without sacrificing an ounce of style, read on!

Wolverine Multishox vs Durashocks

Let’s start a comparison of Wolverine Multishox vs Durashocks

When choosing the right work boot for the job, it can be tough to decide between Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks. Both are top-of-the-line options that provide excellent support and protection for your feet, so what’s the difference between these two boots? The Multishox system provides maximum shock absorption and energy return, while the Durashocks system provides cushioning and support in all the right places. Overall, both boots are excellent choices for those on their feet all day and need a comfortable, durable boot that can keep up with a demanding work environment.

But which one is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at what sets these two boots apart and compare their features. From the cushioning and support to the construction materials used, we’ll explore all that these boots have to offer. So, let’s get started on our comparison of the Wolverine Multishox vs Durashocks.

Best Pick

Wolverine MultiShox Boot

Wolverine MultiShox Boot

  • Fabric Type : 100% Leather
  • Fur Description : Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Sole Material : Rubber

Staff Pick

Wolverine Durashocks Boot 

Wolverine Durashocks Boot 

  • Fabric Type : 100% Leather
  • Sole Material : Rubber
  • Shaft Height : Ankle-High

1: Wolverine MultiShox Boot

The Wolverine MultiShox Boot is more than just a regular work boot. It’s an ultra-durable, hardworking tool to help you finish the job. They are built with the most challenging environments in mind, and these boots provide ultimate comfort and protection all day long. The moisture-managing mesh linings and the durable nylon shank of this boot provide high levels of both breathability and stability. It also features soft and steel toes, offering optimum shock absorption and extra toe protection while remaining lightweight. What’s more, the stylish brown colour of MultiShox ensures that you look your best even when dealing with the most challenging terrain imaginable. All in all, for those who need to work long days in harsh environments, the Wolverine MultiShox Boot is the best equipment.


Wolverine Multishox Boot is a top-of-the-line work boot that offers superior cushioning and support. It showcases some of the best features of such boots. These include:

  • 1: Full-Grain Leather Upper – The upper of the Wolverine Multishox Boot is made from full-grain leather, a type of leather made from the top layer of cowhide. Full-grain leather is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It’s also breathable, which helps to keep the feet cool and dry.
  • 2: Rubber Sole Material – Wolverine Multishox Boot features a durable, flexible rubber sole that provides good surface traction. Rubber soles are also resistant to water and abrasion, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.
  • 3: Contour Welt Construction – Multishox Boot is made using contour welt construction, a method of making boots where the upper is stitched to the insole and then to the outsole. This construction method creates a more comfortable fit and allows for more flexibility in the boot.
  • 4: Shock Absorbing Compression Pads The outsole of Wolverine Multishox Boot is equipped with shock-absorbing compression pads that are moulded into the sole. These pads provide extra cushioning and help absorb impact, making the boot more comfortable to wear and reducing the risk of foot fatigue.
  • 5: Removable Full-cushioned Footbed The footbed of these work boots is full-cushioned, which provides extra comfort and support for the foot. The footbed is also removable, which makes it easy to clean or replace if needed, allowing the wearer to customize the fit and comfort of the boot.
  • Wolverine Multishox boot is waterproof, which means your feet will stay dry even in wet conditions.
  • The boot is very comfortable, so you can wear it for long periods without experiencing discomfort.
  • It has good arch support, which can help to prevent foot pain and fatigue.
  • The toe box of the Multishox boot is designed to fit your foot correctly.
  • Build to last with high-quality materials and construction methods.
  • It takes a little time to break in, which can be inconvenient for those who need to use them immediately.
  • The boot is tight to get on and off, which may cause difficulty for people with wider feet or mobility issues.
Why should you buy this?

Wolverine Multishox Boot is an ideal, durable, and trustworthy work boot. If you are searching for boots that can withstand the most demanding environments while keeping you comfortable and safe, this is the ideal choice. Wolverine Boot is made with premium materials and incorporates advanced technologies such as full-grain leather, shock-absorbing compression pads, contoured welt construction, and cushioned footbed, making it a superb option for those in need of top-quality work boots.

2: Wolverine Durashocks Boot 

Wolverine Durashocks Boot is the perfect choice for a reliable and comfortable work boot. They are crafted from top-quality waterproof leather; the boot’s breathable membrane helps to keep your feet dry, while the moisture-wicking mesh lining adds extra comfort. In addition, the Polyurethane midsole adds additional protection for your feet, ensuring that you have the utmost support even in challenging conditions. Moreover, Wolverine Durashocks have added high-abrasion TPU pads on the outsole to ensure you always have the highest level of traction and stability. This unique design is 3x more potent than its competitors and has been tested to ensure that your feet stay well protected in even slippery conditions.

These boots are designed to protect and perform and look good in brown, black, and tan colours, so you can find a style that suits your taste with these rugged yet stylish work boots. So whether you’re working outdoors or on a construction site, these boots will help keep your feet safe while also adding style to your wardrobe.


Wolverine Durashocks boot is the best combination of protection, comfort, and style. Here are some of its features:

  • 1: Waterproof Premium Full-Grain Leather Upper – The upper of Wolverine Durashocks Boot is made from premium full-grain leather, known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. The leather is also waterproof, which helps to keep your feet dry and protected in wet conditions.
  • 2: Rubber Sole Material – Durashocks Boot features a rubber sole that provides excellent traction and grip on various surfaces. Rubber soles are also known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them a perfect choice for work boots.
  • 3: Goodyear Welt Construction – The Wolverine Durashocks boot is constructed using Goodyear Welt construction, a time-tested method of attaching the upper and sole of the boot. This method involves stitching the upper and sole together, which creates a strong and durable bond, extending the boot’s life.
  • 4: Nylon Shank – This work boot features a nylon shank, a strip of material placed in the boot’s sole for added support and stability. The nylon shank helps distribute the foot’s weight evenly across the sole of the boot, which can help reduce fatigue and discomfort. This feature is ideal for those on their feet for long periods, such as construction workers, farmers, or loggers.
  • 5: Removable Dual-density Polyurethane Footbed – Wolverine Durashocks boot is equipped with a removable dual-density polyurethane footbed, which provides added support and cushioning for every step. The footbed is designed to conform to the shape of the foot, which can help to reduce fatigue and discomfort. The footbed is also removable, which allows for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • Wolverine Durashocks boot features robust and rugged leather, making it a durable option for heavy use.
  • Less break-in time is needed for the boot so that you can use it straight away.
  • The boot is fully waterproof, protecting your feet in wet conditions.
  • Made to be comfy, you may wear it for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.
  • It features 6 inches shaft circumference to provide a secure fit and support.
  • Wolverine Durashocks boot does not have a steel safety toe, which may not provide enough protection for individuals working in hazardous environments.
  • The boot is not insulated for cold weather, which could lead to cold feet and discomfort while working.
Why should you buy this?

Are you discovering the best boot with extra durability and comfort? Here your effort ends at the Wolverine Durashocks work boot. They are crafted from a high-quality premium leather upper, rubber sole, and Polyurethane midsole with Goodyear Welt construction to withstand the test of time. Overall, its modern wedge design offers unparalleled durability and comfort in any environment. So go and get your pair of Wolverine Durashocks and rock your workplace with style and comfort.

Comparison Table Between Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks

In today’s world, there are countless options for work boots. If you want to enhance your shoes and safety conditions at work, consider two of our leading suggestions: Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks. These well-known designs offer exceptional cushioning comfort with their shock-absorbing technology, but which one is ideal for you? Here we explore both models side by side so that you can make an informed choice when selecting the perfect boot.



Wolverine Multishox

Wolverine Durashocks

Wolverine Multishox has full-grain waterproof leather uppers

Wolverine Durashocks boot is crafted from premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers

Featuring a rubber sole with compression pads on the outsole

Wolverine Durashocks have a rubber sole with Thermoplastic Polyurethane pads on the outsole


Designed with a full-cushioned footbed and Nylon shank

Equipped with a dual-density polyurethane footbed and nylon shank for maximum arch support

Shoe laces

Closure System

Multishox features hooks at the sides of the heel for one/off

Featuring a lace-up closure system


The price of Wolverine Multishox ranges from $110 to $155, depending on the size

The price of Wolverine Durashocks ranges from $70 to $170, depending on the colour

Differences Between Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks

Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks are popular options for workers on their feet for hours at a time. Each one offers a unique blend of cushioning and shock absorption that gives you durability on any terrain. Let’s dive into the differences between these two products to see which suits your lifestyle!

1: Upper Leather Material

Wolverine Multishox boot features a full-grain leather upper known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. On the other hand, the Wolverine Durashocks boot features a premium full-grain leather upper, considered higher quality and offers even more durability and resistance to wear and tear.

2: Toe Design

The Multishox boot has a soft and safe toe design, ideal for those working in environments with a risk of impact or compression. The Durashocks boot, in comparison, features a Moc toe design, a more traditional and classic design that is often preferred by those who work in environments where a safety toe is not required.

3: Construction

The Multishox boot is constructed using a Multishox Contour Welt construction, designed to provide maximum comfort and support to the foot. This construction method involves attaching the upper to the outsole using a contoured welt designed to conform to the foot’s shape. While the Durashocks boot is constructed using a Goodyear Welt construction, a traditional and durable construction method involves attaching the upper to the outsole using a strip of leather stitched to the upper and outsole.

4: Shock Absorbing Pads in the Outsole

Wolverine Multishox, the boot features compression pads in the outsole, designed to provide maximum shock absorption and cushioning to the foot. On the other side, the Durashocks boot features high-abrasion TPU pads in the outsole, which are 3x stronger than alternate shock-absorbing pads and provide even more durability and protection to the foot.

5: Footbed

Wolverine Multishox has a removable, fully cushioned footbed designed to provide maximum comfort and support to the foot. In contrast, the Wolverine Durashocks boot features a removable dual-density PU footbed designed to provide a combination of comfort and support to the foot.

6: Colour Options

The Wolverine Multishox boot is available in one colour option: brown. The Durashocks boot, on the other hand, is available in 3 colour options: black, brown, and wheat. This provides more opportunities for the customers to choose according to their preferences.

Similarities Between Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks

Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks are two of the most reliable work boot soles today, offering superior protection for a hardworking individual. Here we are going to discover why both Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks have become staples among construction workers all over the world.

1: Comfortable

Both the Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks boots are designed with comfort in mind. They both feature cushioned footbeds that provide added support and cushioning to the feet, making them ideal for long periods of standing or walking.

2: Rubber Soles

Both boots feature durable rubber soles that provide excellent traction and slip resistance. The rubber soles are also oil and abrasion resistant, making them ideal for use in industrial or construction environments with a risk of slips or spills.

3: Moisture-wicking Mesh Linings

The Multishox and Durashocks boots feature moisture-wicking mesh linings that help keep the feet dry and comfortable. The mesh linings allow air to circulate the feet, preventing sweat and moisture from building up. This helps to keep the feet feeling fresh and dry, even during extended periods of use.

4: Nylon Shank

Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks boots feature a nylon shank that provides support and stability to the foot and ankle. The shank helps to distribute the weight of the foot evenly across the sole of the boot, reducing the risk of fatigue or injury.

Which is Best for You, Wolverine Multishox or Durashocks?

From Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks boot we recommend you invest money in Wolverine Durashocks Boot. This stylish pair of boots with premium leather uppers, rubber soles, and high-abrasion TPU footbed provides three times stronger shock absorption than its competitors. Furthermore, the variety of colour options in the Durashocks boot adds to its appeal. It is an excellent investment with all the above features and will last you longer.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pair of work boots that will provide superior protection, comfort, and support, then the Durashocks boot is an ideal choice. With its positive ratings and reviews, you can be sure that this boot will get the job done and last you for many years.

Relevant Questions

Are the Durashocks boots from Wolverine comfortable to wear?

Yes, the Durashocks boots from Wolverine are designed to be comfortable and supportive. They feature a cushioned footbed, moisture-wicking mesh linings, and a nylon shank for extra support.

What does the term “waterproof plus” indicate about boots from Wolverine?

The term “waterproof plus” about boots from Wolverine indicates that the shoes have been designed to be waterproof and provide additional protection against water and wet conditions. This could include features such as a waterproof membrane or coating, sealed seams, and other waterproof technologies to keep the feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

Is the Wolverine brand known for producing comfortable boots?

The Wolverine brand is known for producing comfortable boots. They use high-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure that their shoes provide the best fit and support for your feet.

What is meant by Contour Welt in Wolverine boots?

Contour Welt refers to the construction technique used to make specific Wolverine boots. It involves stitching the boot’s upper to the insole and outsole using a specialized contoured welt designed to mould the foot’s shape for improved comfort and support. This technique is intended to create a more customized fit and provide added durability to the boots.

How much time is required to break in a pair of boots from Wolverine?

The amount of time required to break in a pair of boots from Wolverine can vary depending on the specific model and the individual’s foot shape and comfort level. Some customers have reported that their shoes were comfortable right out of the box, while others have said that it took a few weeks for the boots to mould to their feet fully.

Are the Multishox and Durashocks boots from Wolverine ideal for prolonged standing?

The Multishox and Durashocks boots from Wolverine are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for prolonged standing. Both styles feature advanced cushioning systems that help to absorb shock and reduce fatigue, making them ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.


Whether you’re a construction worker, security guard, or someone who spends long days on their feet, the best pair of boots would be a wise investment. The Wolverine Multishox and Durashocks are among the elite options for premium footwear. Both shoes offer superior cushioning and support for those who need to stay comfortable on the job, plus they’re built with quality materials that will last you for years. So, deciding on the optimal boot model that provides warmth and comfort becomes challenging. Therefore, we have devised this comprehensive guide to assist you. By studying this in-depth comparison of the Wolverine Multishox vs Durashocks, you can select the ideal boot for your needs.

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