KEEN Steens vs Targhee – Which One Is Better

Are you looking to purchase a reliable and comfortable pair of boots suitable for outdoor activities and everyday wear? If so, the KEEN Steens and Targhee battle is one worth exploring! These two best-selling boots have unique features; the KEEN Steens delivers increased versatility, while the Targhee provides a dependable grip. But with so many differences between KEEN Steens and Targhee, how do you know which is right for you? Lucky for you, we have taken an in-depth look at both to provide an analysis that will help make your decision easier! In this blog post, we’ll be comparing KEEN Steens vs Targhee, breaking down the differences, and helping you determine which one is the best fit for your next outdoor adventure. So let’s take a closer look at this in-detailed guide of these two iconic hiking shoes and find out!

Let’s start a comparison of KEEN Steens vs Targhee

Are you looking for the perfect boot to take your outdoor adventures up a notch? Then let us introduce you to KEEN’s Steens and Targhee models! These terrific options provide stellar comfort that will carry you through any terrain and weather. These shoes have a reputation for being durable, comfortable, and stylish, making them the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. The question is: which one is right for you? Whether stepping out on a challenging, muddy trail with the durable Targhee or feeling grounded all day in icy conditions with the sock-like fit of the Steen, each has something unique to offer explorers. Let’s dive into their key features so we can help you find your ideal boot. So, prepare to lace up and join us on this exciting adventure as we compare the KEEN Steens vs Targhee.

Best Pick

KEEN Men's Steens WP Hiking Shoe

KEEN Men’s Steens WP Hiking Shoe

  • Fabric Type : 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Care Instructions : Machine Wash
  • Sole MaterialRubber

Staff Pick

KEEN Men's Targhee 3 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots

KEEN Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boots

  • Fabric Type : 100% Fabric
  • Shaft Height : Ankle
  • Outer Material : Leather

1: KEEN Men’s Steens WP Hiking Shoe

KEEN Steens Hiking Shoe is a top-performing outdoor shoe that offers superior protection and comfort for all outdoor adventures. They are made with durable, waterproof leather and PFC-free water-repellent construction, and this hiking shoe keeps your feet protected from the elements. It also features an innovative ECO Anti-Odor technology that harnesses probiotic-based natural compounds to neutralize sweat odour so you can stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Additionally, with its external stability shank, this hiking shoe provides lightweight support and improved mobility on uneven surfaces. Plus, the cushioned collar helps to reduce irritation and discomfort around the ankle, and the shoe is available in a wide range of colours to suit your style.

So, whether you’re going for a casual walk or exploring backpacking trails, the KEEN Steens Hiking Shoe is an excellent option for its performance and modern design. Trust that this shoe will keep up with every step of your journey.


KEEN Steens is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable hiking shoe with a stylish look. Let’s explore its features together so you can know if it is the perfect fit for you:

  • 1: Full-Grain Leather Upper – KEEN Steens Hiking Shoe features a full-grain leather upper, which provides excellent durability and protection. This type of leather is made from the highest-quality hides and is considered the best available. It is treated with unique tanning methods to make it strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is also flexible, which helps to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit while hiking.
  • 2: KEEN.DRY Waterproof Membrane with Mesh Lining This hiking shoe features KEEN’s patented KEEN dry waterproof membrane technology, which helps to keep feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions. And the mesh lining helps to improve breathability, ensuring that feet stay cool and dry during even the most challenging hikes.
  • 3: All-Terrain Mon-marking Rubber Sole Construction KEEN Steens Hiking Shoe has an all-terrain mon-marking rubber sole construction, providing excellent traction on various surfaces. This sole is designed with deep lugs, making it suitable for use on a wide range of terrains.
  • 4: Removable EVA Footbed The Steens Shoe comes with a removable EVA footbed, which provides excellent comfort and cushioning for the feet. This type of footbed is made from a lightweight, flexible material that moulds to the shape of the feet, providing a custom fit and increased support.
  • 5: Traditional Lace Closure The KEEN Steens Shoe features a traditional lace closure, which provides a secure and adjustable fit. The laces can be easily adjusted to provide a snug, comfortable fit around the feet, which helps to prevent blisters and hot spots.
  • The fully waterproof feature of Steens Shoe provides complete protection from water, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during wet hikes.
  • Steens Shoe has a roomy toe box that allows enough space for your toes to move freely and comfortably.
  • The soles of this Hiking Shoe provide excellent traction on different types of terrains, giving you the stability and support you need during hikes.
  • It is designed specifically for hiking and provides the maximum comfort and performance needed for a successful hike.
  • With various stylish colour options, KEEN Steens Hiking Shoe provides comfort and performance and adds a touch of style to your outdoor gear.
  • The leather material of KEEN Steens needs to be cleaned and conditioned regularly to maintain its quality and durability.
  • They may take a little time to break in around the ankle, which may cause discomfort or blisters during the initial wear.

Why should you buy this?

Are you looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish hiking shoe? Then here we are with the best KEEN Steens Hiking Shoe. It is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable hiking shoe with excellent traction on various terrain. It features a full-grain leather upper and removable EVA footbed for superior comfort and the traditional lace closure for a secure fit. Therefore, whether on the trails or just for a stroll, KEEN Steens is sure to keep you comfortable and stylish. So, take your outdoor adventures to new heights with this fantastic hiking shoe!

2: KEEN Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boots

The KEEN Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boots bring a new look to any all-terrain adventure. The boots are made with environmentally preferred leather from the Leather Working Group and are PFC-free, ensuring that they do not contain harmful chemicals. This construction offers superior waterproofing and breathability, and the moisture-wicking mesh lining makes feet comfortable in different weather conditions.

In addition, the mid-cut height of the Targhee boots and external shank provides extra ankle protection and stability on uneven surfaces. So, whether you’re walking on grassy terrain or climbing a rocky mountain trail, you can trust that these quality hiking boots will support your feet.


KEEN Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boots are designed to protect your feet from the elements with many outclass features. These features are:

  • 1: Leather Outer Material and Mesh Uppers KEEN Targhee hiking boots are made with leather and mesh materials. The leather is used for its durability and abrasion resistance, while the mesh provides breathability and comfort. The mesh uppers also allow for ventilation, preventing sweat and moisture buildup inside the boots.
  • 2: Non-marking Rubber Sole – These Targhee boots have a non-marking rubber sole that provides excellent grip and traction on various terrains, making them ideal for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities.
  • 3: KEEN.DRY Waterproof Membrane The KEEN Targhee hiking boots have a KEEN dry waterproof membrane that provides waterproof protection, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions. The membrane is made from a breathable material that allows air to circulate, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even during extended wear.
  • 4: Dual-density Removable EVA Metatomical Footbed – Targhee hiking boots have a dual-density removable EVA metatomical footbed that provides excellent cushioning and support for your feet. The footbed is designed to conform to the shape of your feet, providing a customized fit. It can also be removed for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • 5: Lacing Closure KEEN Targhee hiking boots feature a lacing closure that allows you to adjust the fit to your feet quickly. The laces are sturdy and durable, ensuring the shoes stay securely fastened during outdoor activities. Plus, this closure allows you to fine-tune the fit to your comfort level, providing the boots feel comfortable and secure all day.
  • KEEN Targhee Hiking Boot is fully waterproof, making it ideal for wet hikes and environments.
  • Ideal for trail hiking, providing the best comfort and stability for long hikes.
  • Targhee has a contoured heel and padded tongue, providing additional comfort and support.
  • These hiking boots are available for both men and women.
  • KEEN Targhee Hiking Boot is available in several colour options, allowing you to choose a style that best suits your preferences.
  • KEEN Targhee Hiking Boot has a less roomy toe box which may cause discomfort for individuals with wider feet.
  • It is reported that these boots have less breathability than other hiking boots.
Why should you buy this?

Are you an avid hiker or just starting out hiking and want a pair of shoes that will provide you with the best protection, comfort, and stability? Then KEEN Targhee Hiking Boots are the perfect choice for you. Their superior construction makes them suitable for any environment, and their classic design makes them a timeless addition to any outdoor explorer’s wardrobe. With all the advanced features described above, you can experience maximum performance on any terrain.

Comparison Table Between KEEN Steens and Targhee

KEEN Steens and Targhee hiking shoes are two popular choices for outdoor adventurers. Not sure which one is best suited to your needs? We’ve created a comparison table so you can take a closer look at the features of these trusty trail companions side-by-side and pick the best option.



KEEN Steens

KEEN Targhee

Full-grain leather upper with a mesh liner for KEEN Steens

Outer leather and mesh uppers for KEEN Targhee

KEEN Steens features a non-marking all-terrain rubber sole for excellent grip and traction

KEEN Targhee features a non-marking rubber sole

It has a KEEN dry waterproof, breathable membrane and moisture-wicking mesh lining that keeps feet dry and comfortable

Equipped with a KEEN dry, breathable waterproof membrane that provides comfort all day and keeps feet dry

Colour Options

The three colour options available in Steens Hiking Shoe are brindle/dark olive, black/bossa nova, and canteen/brindle.

The Targhee Boots are available in eight colour options: black olive/golden brown, bungee cord/black, chestnut/mulch, drizzle/keen yellow, and more.


The cost of Steen’s shoes ranges from $65 to $100, depending on the colour you choose

The price of Targhee Hiking boots varies from $85 to $225 depending on colour choice

Differences Between KEEN Steens and Targhee

KEEN Steens and Targhee Hiking Shoes are two popular options for outdoor enthusiasts. While both offer superior comfort and protection, they have distinct differences in design, construction, and features. Let’s take a closer look at some differences between these two.

1: Leather Material

KEEN Steens Hiking Shoes feature a full-grain leather upper which is the top layer of the hide that gives it strength and durability and makes it resistant to wear and tear. On the other hand, KEEN Targhee Hiking Boots feature an outer leather and mesh upper, providing durability and breathability for extended use.

2: Removable Footbed

The Steens Hiking Shoes have an EVA footbed, a foam material that provides cushioning and support to the feet. At the same time, the Targhee Hiking Boots have a dual-density metatomical footbed, a more advanced design that includes two different densities of foam for extra support and comfort.

3: Designed For

KEEN Steens Shoes are specifically designed for men, whereas the KEEN Targhee Boots are available for both men and women. Overall, both boots Boots are designed to cater to different foot shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wider range of customers.

4: Colour Options

The Steens Hiking Shoes are available in 3 colour options. On the flip side, the Targhee Hiking Boots come in 8 different colours, giving customers more variety to choose from to match their style and preferences.

Similarities Between KEEN Steens and Targhee

If you’re looking for the perfect hiking shoe, look no further than KEEN Steens and Targhee shoes! Both boots offer unparalleled durability while providing excellent foot protection, so these reliable shoes will keep up wherever your trails take you. Here we have illustrated some similarities between these two products:

1: LWG Certified Tanneries Sourced Leather

KEEN Steens and Targhee Hiking Boots use high-quality leather sourced from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). This means the tanneries follow strict environmental protocols and standards to minimize their operations’ environmental impact. Plus, this leather is durable and long lasting, ensuring your boots will last for many hikes.

2: Rubber Soles

Steens and Targhee Shoes feature rubber soles that provide excellent grip and traction on various surfaces. The rubber soles are also durable and flexible, allowing for a comfortable and responsive ride. Additionally, the soles are designed to be non-marking, making them ideal for use on trails and in other outdoor environments.

3: KEEN.DRY Waterproof, Breathable Membrane

Both these shoes of KEEN feature KEEN’s proprietary KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane. This membrane is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable in even the worst conditions. The membrane is also breathable, allowing air to circulate your feet, keeping them cool and comfortable during your hikes.

4: Eco Anti-Odor Technology

KEEN Steens and Targhee Hiking Boots both use KEEN’s Eco Anti-Odor technology. This technology is designed to prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, keeping your boots smelling fresh and clean, even after multiple uses.

5: Support and Comfort

KEEN Steens and Targhee Hiking Boots are designed to provide support and comfort to your feet during your hikes. They feature an external shank that helps to distribute weight evenly across the foot and provide stability. In contrast, the cushioned collar helps to reduce pressure on the ankle and provides a comfortable fit.

6: Lace Closure System

The KEEN Steens and Targhee shoes feature a lace closure system that allows you to adjust the fit of the boots to your individual needs. The laces are strong and durable, ensuring your shoes stay secure during even the most demanding hikes. Additionally, the lace closure system is easy to use, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust your boots on the go.

Which is Best for You, KEEN Steens or Targhee?

Are you finding it difficult to decide between the KEEN Steens vs Targhee? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with the best-suggested pick of KEEN Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boots. The Targhee is designed for both men and women, offers more colour options, utilizes the LWG certified tannery leather and features a KEEN dry waterproof breathable membrane that keeps you dry and comfortable. The Targhee rubber sole provides excellent grip and traction on various surfaces, and the Eco Anti-Odor technology helps keep your feet smelling fresh.

What’s more, these shoes come in various colours and styles, so you can find a pair that best suits your needs. So, gear up for your next trail adventure with the KEEN Targhee Hiking Boots.

Relevant Questions

Is KEEN a reliable brand?

KEEN is a well-known brand in the outdoor and lifestyle market, and they are known for producing high-quality and durable products. The brand is known for its innovative designs and comfort, using environmentally friendly materials in its products. Many customers have reported high satisfaction with their KEEN products, and they often rave about their products’ quality, comfort, and durability.

Are KEEN Steens and Targhee shoes suitable for extensive hikes?

Yes, KEEN Steens and Targhee shoes are suitable for extensive hikes. They are designed with features like waterproof leather and KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane and a secure fit to ensure comfort and protection for the feet during long hikes. Additionally, the shoes have a rugged sole that provides excellent grip and stability on various terrains, making them ideal for hiking in different weather conditions.

Are Keen Targhee shoes suitable for people with wide feet?

The Keen Targhee shoes are designed to accommodate a variety of foot shapes and sizes, including those with wide feet. The shoes feature a wider toe box, allowing for more room and comfort for those with wider feet. Additionally, the footbed of the shoes is removable and can be replaced with custom orthotics for even more customization and support.

What is the heel-to-toe drop of Keen Targhee shoes?

The heel-to-toe drop of Keen Targhee shoes ranges from 10 to 15 millimetres, meaning that the height difference between the heel and the forefoot is within this range. This design balances stability and comfort, making the Targhee shoes suitable for outdoor activities.

What makes KEEN shoes stand out from others?

KEEN shoes are unique due to their patented toe protection technology and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. They offer superior comfort and support for outdoor activities, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Are KEEN Steens and Targhee shoes water-resistant?

Yes, KEEN Steens and Targhee shoes are water-resistant. They have waterproof leather, synthetic upper, and a KEEN dry waterproof, breathable membrane that keeps feet dry in wet conditions. These shoes also have a non-marking rubber outsole that provides excellent grip and traction on wet and slippery surfaces. So, they are great options for outdoor adventures in wet weather.

How long do KEEN shoes last?

The lifespan of KEEN shoes varies based on the model and the frequency of use. On average, KEEN shoes can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years with proper care and maintenance. However, some KEEN shoes with heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials can last even longer. The key to prolonging the life of KEEN shoes is to clean and condition them regularly.


KEEN is a trusted brand known for producing durable and high-quality footwear products. The KEEN Steens vs Targhee debate has been long-running, and it is always challenging to choose between the two. Both of these shoes feature high-quality LWG certified leather, rubber soles for grip, and KEEN’s proprietary waterproof breathable membrane, making it an impossible quest to choose the perfect boot. And there, it all boils down to this in-depth comparison guide. By exploring the features and details of both KEEN Steens and KEEN Targhee above, we hope you can make an informed decision for your next hiking adventure.

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