Irish setter 808 vs 894 – Which One Is Better

Are you looking for a comfortable and durable hunting boot to last for years, but stylish enough to leave a lasting impression? It can feel like an impossible quest to find the perfect pair of footwear. If so, then check out our Irish Setter 808 vs 894 article. Irish Setter has been crafting high-quality hunting boots for more than half a century. The 808 and 894 are the two most stylish and comfortable wears of the Irish Setter. With their durable leather uppers and shock-resistant soles these boots provide you with both warmth and performance no matter how tough it gets outdoors. Plus they’re available in solid colors that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. But which one should you choose? In this blog post, we’ll dive into some notable differences between these two amazing pieces of footwear. We’ll also break down the features, pros, and cons of each pair to help you decide which shoe best fits your needs. No more agonizing over selecting the perfect boot; let us take away some of that stress with our in-depth analysis!

Irish Setter 808 vs 894

Let’s start a comparison of Irish Setter 808 vs 894

Are you in the market for a new boot? If so, here’s something that might interest you, an exciting comparison of Irish Setter 808 vs 894. This comparison will focus on the features, pros, and cons of each pair. Plus the differences and similarities of Irish Setter 808 and 894 against each other. We’ll cover all aspects from overall comfort to the durability of the materials that make these boots so special so that you can have the confidence to make your decision with ease.

Let’s delve into the mystery of why customers can’t get enough with a hot cup of coffee in hand! We’ll investigate what makes each model so irresistible.

Best Pick

Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe

Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe

  • Outer Material : Polyurethane (PU)
  • Sole Material : Rubber
  • Closure Type Lace-Up

Staff Pick

Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot

Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot

  • Fabric Type : 100% Leather
  • Sole Material : Manmade
  • Shaft Height : 8.5 Inches

1: Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe

The Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe is the perfect choice for any hunter who needs a reliable and durable footwear option for their outdoor adventures. Made from waterproof leather, these boots are designed to keep your feet dry when you’re out in wet conditions. The UltraDry Waterproofing system adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that your feet stay comfortable, no matter what kind of terrain you’re walking on. 

The Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe is ideal for anyone who takes part in active pursuits like hiking or hunting. Not only is this boot strong and durable, but it also offers superior comfort with its lightweight construction and cushioned footbed. It’s also stylish enough to wear during everyday activities.

All in all, the Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe is a great choice for any experienced hunter looking for a reliable and comfortable shoe that will stand up to any challenging conditions they may encounter while out in the wild!


Step into the rugged terrain with style and agility wearing these Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoes! This shoe is packed with features that make it an unbeatable companion, whether you’re out hunting or simply exploring nature’s wonders.

  • 1: Waterproof Leather Construction The Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe is made of full-grain waterproof leather for maximum durability and comfort. This type of leather offers superior protection from rain, mud, and dew without sacrificing breathability, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable on long hunts.
  • 2: Sole Material To maximize traction in wet or muddy conditions, the sole of the Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe is crafted with a high-quality rubber that provides superior grip on even slick surfaces.
  • 3: Polyurethane Footbed with EVA Midsole To provide increased foot stability and arch support when you are out in the field, the Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe features a polyurethane footbed combined with an EVA midsole for improved shock absorption during long treks across rugged terrain.
  • 4: UltraDry Waterproofing Technology With UltraDry Waterproofing Technology incorporated into every pair, these shoes are designed to keep your feet dry even in extremely wet conditions. This advanced material forms a protective barrier between your foot and outside moisture, allowing air to circulate freely while keeping moisture out.
  • 5: Lace-up Closure A secure fit is essential with any hunting boot, which is why these shoes feature a traditional lace-up closure system that allows for easy adjustment according to personal preference and comfort level.
  • Durable, waterproof, easy-to-lace-up boots.
  • Best-designed upland boots for hunting.
  • Features PU footbed and EVA midsole for superior arch support and cushioning.
  • The lace-up closure of 808 guarantees maximum stability every time you set off into the wilds.
  • Built to last for many years of use.
  • May take a while to break in.
  • These boots don’t feature any safety steel toe.

Final Verdict

The Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Hunting Shoe is perfect for the avid hunter who needs a dependable and comfortable boot that can take them through any terrain. It’s crafted from waterproof leather to keep your feet dry in wet conditions, features a cushioned footbed for superior comfort, and provides excellent traction on slick surfaces. With the UltraDry Waterproofing Technology, you can be sure that your feet will stay safe and dry no matter what the weather has in store.

2. Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot

For more than 60 years, Irish Setter has been dedicated to creating reliable, purpose-built footwear for work and hunting. As part of their commitment to quality, they have invested heavily in modern technologies that guarantee maximum protection and performance. One of its products, the Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Shoe is the ultimate choice for the most demanding upland hunters. Combining waterproof leather with a unique UltraDry waterproofing system, these iconic hunting boots not only look great but also offer superior performance in rough terrain and weather.

In addition, the full-grain leather upper provides extra durability while the Goodyear Welt construction ensures that each shoe will last you long into the future. With a cushioned sole designed to shed debris, your feet will stay dry, comfortable, and well-supported on your next hunt.

Overall, the Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot is designed with both comfort and style in mind. With its classic look combined with modern features, it can stand up to tough conditions without compromising on longevity or performance.


Are you ready to take on the terrain? The Irish Setter 894 is great for any outdoor adventure, with its exceptional features.

  • 1: Full Grain Waterproof Leather The Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot features a durable full-grain waterproof leather upper that is designed to provide protection from the elements and keep feet dry in wet conditions. The leather provides superior breathability, allowing air to move freely throughout the shoe while offering an attractive look.
  • 2: UltraDry Waterproofing To ensure feet stay completely dry even in the wettest of conditions, the Irish Setter 894 includes a unique UltraDry waterproofing system. This technology utilizes specialized materials to create a 100% waterproof barrier between your foot and the elements, keeping your feet dry no matter how wet it gets outside.
  • 3: Goodyear Leather Welt Construction For added durability and comfort, this hunting shoe is constructed with a Goodyear leather welt that provides superior support to ensure you are well-protected throughout your hunt. This advanced construction technique adds another layer of protection against both moisture and wear and tear, so you can feel confident knowing that your shoes are built to last! 
  • 4: Polyurethane Footbed Comfort is key on long hunts, which is why the Irish Setter 894 Hunting boot features a cushioned polyurethane footbed for enhanced underfoot support and cushioning as you traverse through rough terrain or long hours in one spot waiting for prey.
  • 5: EVA Midsole For Underfoot Comfort – An EVA midsole provides superior shock absorption for extra underfoot cushioning during those long hunts where every step counts. Not only does this feature help keep your feet better protected, but it also helps reduce overall stress on joints.
  • The Wingshooter 894 footwear makes hunting incredibly stylish.
  • Made with easy-to-clean full-grain leather.
  • This hunting boot has a top speed-lace closure and a lace-up vamp.
  • Featuring a footbed made of removable polyurethane and an EVA midsole for comfort.
  • These 9-inch waterproof upland boots are best for hunting.
  • These boots lack insulation, although they are waterproof.
  • Reviews show that the comfort around the calf is a little bit off.
Final Verdict

The Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot is a great choice for the hunter that needs waterproof protection and superior comfort. The full-grain leather upper, UltraDry waterproofing system, Goodyear Welt construction, Polyurethane footbed, and EVA midsole make this one of the best hunting shoes available today. With its classic look and modern features, the Irish Setter 894 is a great choice for those who need a reliable shoe that can stand up to tough conditions without compromising on longevity or performance. So, if you’re ready to take on rough terrain and wet weather, the Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Hunting Boot is perfect for your next outdoor.

Comparison Table Between Irish Setter 808 and 894

Looking for the perfect boots? We’ve got you covered! Irish Setters 808 and 894 have distinct features to suit any kind of life. Let’s compare them side-by-side to find your perfect match.



Irish Setter 807

Irish Setter 838

Full-grain waterproof leather upper with Polyurethane

100% waterproof leather upper

Rubber sole material for added comfort

Made with iconic rubber soles

Arch support

Featuring PU Footbed with EVA Midsole for cushioning and arch support

For arch support, these 9-inch upland boots have removable polyurethane footbeds

7 Inches

8.5 Inches

Shoe laces

Lace-up Closure

Has a Lace-up vamp at the top with speed-lace hardware

Differences Between Irish setter 808 and 894

Are you considering an Irish Setter but can’t decide which style would be best for your needs? Look no further than these differences between the 808 and 894 boots to pick the perfect pair.

1: Leather Material

One of the main differences between the Irish Setter 808 and 894 boots is the type of leather used in their construction. The Irish Setter 808 features a full-grain leather upper, while the 894 utilizes fabric leather.

2: Footbed

The footbed of the two are also notably different. The 808 features a permanent Polyurethane footbed, while the 894 includes a removable Polyurethane footbed that can be taken out for cleaning or replacement.

3: Midsole

The 808 boasts a rubber sole and EVA Midsole for added comfort and stability, while the 894 includes rubber soles for cushioning and shock absorption.

4: Shaft Height

Moving on to shaft height, there is a notable difference between these two models: the 808 boasts a 7-inch shaft height, while the 894 stands at 8.5 inches from the arch to the top of the shaft.

5: Color

Lastly, even though both pairs come in similar shades of brown and black, there are slight color variations that set them apart from one another. The 808 has a Brown and Black color scheme and its counterpart offer an Amber and Dark Brown option.

Similarities Between Irish setter 808 and 894

When it comes to Irish Setter boots 808 and 894, staying true to tradition is what matters. Here are some classic features that these models share.

1: Construction

The construction of the two boots is also very similar making them both highly durable in even the toughest terrains. Both models feature waterproof leather uppers with breathable linings that keep your feet dry while allowing air circulation to prevent sweat build-up.

2: Polyurethane Footbeds

Both models feature polyurethane footbeds, a material designed to mold to the curves of your feet, providing maximum comfort and support. This is an important feature as it helps reduce fatigue and offers superior cushioning for all-day wear.

3: Rubber Soles

The soles of both are made with rubber with Goodyear Welt Construction giving you excellent traction on slippery surfaces without sacrificing flexibility or comfort. Additionally, both boots are equipped with speed lacing closures that allow you to quickly adjust the fit when needed. 

4: Price

The boots also share a similar price point of nearly $200 which makes them an affordable option compared to some other more expensive brands. 

5: Comfort and Protection

Both pairs provide excellent comfort and protection when it comes to outdoor activities like hunting or fishing; however, depending on your style preferences and needs, you may want to consider each model’s unique features before making your final decision.

Which is Best for You Irish setter 808 or 894?

From Irish Setter 808 vs 894, we recommend you opt for the Irish Setter 894 Wingshooter Boot. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish boot. This boot features a full-grain leather upper that offers maximum protection against water and the elements. It also has a waterproof Dry-Core lining to help keep your feet dry and comfortable, even in wet conditions.

Furthermore, the polyurethane footbed provides superior cushioning while the rubber soles provide extra protection in areas you need it most. Additionally, this boot looks great with its classic styling and rich brown leather upper. With all of these features combined, you can expect top performance from the Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Boot for years to come.

Related Questions

Red Wing and Irish setter are they the same?

Irish Setter is a part of the Red Wing Shoe Company, which creates a complete line of durable outdoor casual footwear and performance hunting boots. Irish Setter keeps providing clients with the highest caliber outdoor footwear by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the best materials.

Are Irish Setter 808 and 894 good hunting boots?

Yes, the Irish Setter 808 and 894 are both excellent hunting boots. Both models feature waterproof leather uppers with breathable linings that keep your feet dry while allowing air circulation to prevent sweat build-up. Furthermore, they provide superior cushioning and great traction in any terrain.

Can Irish Setter boots be used in the snow?

Yes, Irish Setter boots are well suited for snowy terrain. They feature waterproof leather uppers that protect against water and the elements, as well as rubber lug outsoles with Goodyear Welt Construction that provide excellent traction in slippery conditions.

Irish Setter boots should last for how long?

When properly cared for, Irish Setter boots can last up to a few years. To ensure lasting durability, we suggest you clean and condition your boots regularly with a leather-care product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and storage.

Can you be protected by an Irish Setter boot?

Yes, Irish Setter boots provide excellent protection against water and the elements. The leather uppers are waterproof and breathable to help keep your feet dry, while the rubber soles provide extra traction in slippery conditions. Additionally, the cushioning footbed helps absorb any impact from walking on uneven terrain or hiking trails. These all make them a great choice for outdoor activities.


When it comes to Irish Setter 808 vs 894, you have all the features in both models that make them stand out from other boots. Whether you’re looking for a reliable pair of work boots or simply want something comfortable for long outdoor hikes, these 808 and 894 Irish Setter models offer a great combination of quality and value that’s hard to beat. With their polyurethane footbeds providing superior cushioning, waterproof leather uppers keeping your feet dry, and robust rubber lug outsoles offering excellent traction in any terrain; these two pairs are worth considering at an affordable price point. Read this article and the perfect pair of Irish Setter boots for yourself!

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