Blundstone 587 vs 585 – Which One Is Better

Are you looking for the perfect set of boots to bring your footwear game to the next level? If so, then you’ll be interested to hear that two iconic boot styles, Blundstone 587 and Blundstone 585 are beloved by many. But while they’re similar in quality, style, and comfort level, there are some distinct differences between these two shoes and we’ll go over them here today. So if you’ve been on the fence about which one is going to suit your fashion needs best, read on for more information about the Blundstone 587 vs 585. In this blog post, we’ll compare these two popular models of Blundstone’s work boot collection side by side. We’ll provide details on everything from construction materials, cushioning comfortability, and safety features to design differences – all to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best fit for your feet. Whether you’re on a job site or going about daily tasks around the home, having comfortable and reliable footwear is essential; let’s look at how Blundstone 587 vs 585 stack up!

Blundstone 587 vs 585

Let’s start a comparison of Blundstone 587 vs 585

Blundstone has come out with two must-have boot models: the 587 and the 585! Both of these handsome models deliver superior comfort and craftsmanship, making them excellent choices for everyday wear. The classic Blundstone 587 Chelsea boots with an immediately recognizable silhouette and elastic side panels, look amazing with any outfit. They feature elastic side panels and a pull-on tab at the heel, as well as a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane sole for improved shock absorption and comfort.

On the other hand, the Blundstone 585 is the chunkier, more casual version of boots than its counterpart. They come with a full-grain leather upper and shock-absorbing sole for greater stability and traction. So when it comes to style differences, the 585s may be better suited for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping than their classic counterparts.

So if you’re staring at your closet trying to decide which model is right for you, it can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this comparison between the Blundstone 587 vs 585 so that you can make an informed decision about which pair is best suited for your needs!

Best Pick


Blundstone BL587 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot

  • Fabric Type : 100% Leather
  • Sole Material : Synthetic
  • Shaft Height 6 Inches

Staff Pick


Blundstone Mens 585 Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot

  • Closure Type : Pull On
  • Sole Material : Rubber
  • Color : Rustic Brown

1: Blundstone BL587 Classic Chelsea Boot

The Blundstone BL587 Classic Chelsea Boot is a versatile and stylish boot that can be worn in both casual and formal situations. Crafted from premium-tanned leather upper with twin-needle reinforced stitching and a high tensile strength thread, these boots offer superior durability and comfort. The elastic side gussets make it easy to slip the boots on and off, while the pull-on tabs assist with removal. The stylish design of the boots makes them perfect for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion.

Additionally, they also feature breathable leather linings for enhanced comfort and weather protection, as well as removable Comfort EVA footbeds with PORON XRD in the heel pad for maximum support and cushioning. To top it off, the TPU outsole is resistant to hydrolysis so you can enjoy these boots all day long! All in all the combination of style, comfort, and durability make this Chelsea boots an ideal choice for any wardrobe.


Blundstone BL587 Classic Chelsea Boot offers the perfect combination of style and comfort. Crafted from super-soft leather, these sleek boots are designed with a cushioned footbed for added support in every step you take. Here we have described some cool features of this timeless product.

  • 1: Upper Material Blundstone 584 is made up of premium tanned leather that is both supple and strong, perfect for a boot. This feature makes this classic Chelsea boot more durable, breathable, and comfortable.
  • 2: Superior Shock Absorption The outsole of Blundstone BL587 features PORON XRD in the heel strike zone to dissipate shock. It provides a cushioning layer between your foot and the ground to not only reduce the impact of shock but help you to move comfortably.
  • 3: TPU Outsole and PU Midsole This Blundstone classic model features a thermoplastic polyurethane outsole and polyurethane midsole. TPU outsole provides excellent traction and durability on slippery surfaces, and the PU midsole ensures long-term comfort by cushioning your feet with every step.
  • 4: Closure Type Blundstone 587 is equipped with sturdy front and back pull-on tabs and elastic gore. This closure type provides an adjustable fit that remains secure no matter what activity you’re engaged in from walking to running or jumping.
  • 5: Removable Footbeds – An anatomically designed removable footbed of Blundstone 587 offers extra support for your feet throughout the day by conforming to their shape for improved balance, arch support, and stability.
  • The Blundstone BL587 is ideal for both work and adventure.
  • Stitching of 584 is reinforced with twin needles and a strong thread.
  • Designed with a replaceable comfort EVA footbed and a PORON XRD heel pad.
  • Has a hydrolysis-resistant Thermo urethane outsole.
  • A steel shank is present for added support.
  • These boots are slightly expensive.
  • Blundstone recommends ordering a half size up for a Wide fit.
Final Verdict

The Blundstone 587 is a great pair of boots that offers superior comfort and durability. Choosing between the two models will depend on your personal preference, budget, and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a stylish pair of boots with good shock absorption and breathability, then Blundstone 587 should be your go-to option. With this boot, you get the perfect combination of style and comfort. Go ahead and add it to your wardrobe now!

2: Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot

The Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot is the perfect combination of style and practicality. With its classic Chelsea silhouette, this rugged boot features a leather upper with a rubber sole and signature pull-on closure panels that provide the perfect fit. Blundstone 585 model also has a slip-resistant sole that provides excellent traction on wet or muddy surfaces, making them a great choice for outdoor adventures or everyday wear.

In addition, the cushioned footbed ensures superior comfort that will last all day long. This timeless design is sure to be a go-to staple in any wardrobe, providing maximum protection and fashion appeal in one stylish package.


Staying stylish and comfortable no matter the weather is a breeze with the Blundstone 585 boot. With a range of incredible features, this high-quality shoe has everything you need to take on.

  • 1: Leather Upper The Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot is the perfect combination of fashion and function, making it an ideal choice for any wardrobe. Its premium leather upper provides both a timeless aesthetic and superior comfort with every step.
  • 2: Removable Footbed Additionally, this boot features a removable footbed so you can customize your insole to fit your specific foot shape and size.
  • 3: Pull-on Closure Type The pull-on closure type gives this boot the convenience of being easy to slip on and off, while also providing a secure fit so you can stay confident when wearing them all day long.
  • 4: Protective Toe and Heel – Furthermore, the integrated protective toe and heel provide an extra layer of protection for your feet, giving you greater peace of mind as you walk. 
  • 5: Shock-absorbing Outsole With its shock-absorbing outsole designed to cushion each stride, you’ll be able to take full advantage of its superior comfort no matter where you’re heading.
  • Lightweight, strong, and cozy.
  • Has footbeds that can be removed for greater comfort.
  • Best for protection from all weathers due to the waterproof lining.
  • Featuring a pull-on closure for convenience.
  • For better traction, it is equipped with a shock-resistant outsole.
  • Sometimes wider-shaped feet may not fit.
  • Blundstone 585 has no support for the ankles.
Final Verdict

The Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot is a reliable and fashionable choice that’s perfect for everyday wear. With its superior construction, excellent support, and timeless design, this boot is sure to become your go-to staple. Whether you’re heading to work or enjoying a night out on the town, the Blundstone 585 will provide you with maximum protection and style. So go ahead and add it to your collection today, you won’t regret it!

Comparison Table Between Blundstone 587 and 585

When it comes to choosing the right Blundstone, there are two popular options, Blundstone BL587 Classic Boot and Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown Chelsea Boot. Here’s a quick guide comparing these styles so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.



Blundstone 587

Blundstone 585

Premium tanned leather upper

flexible and soft leather upper

Synthetic sole for longer wear and comfort

Good grippy rubber soles

6 inches

5.5 inches


Sturdy pull-on tabs for easy wearing and elastic stretch gore retain their shape

Pull-on design for simple on/off

Arch support

Removable Comfort EVA footbeds for making feet cozier

Removable footbed for arch support

Differences Between Products 1 & 2

Looking to buy a pair of Blundstone Boots? Not sure if the 587 or 585 is best for you? Explore their differences and find your perfect fit! From soles that provide cushioning support, to complex leathers and colors, discover which boot will make each step comfortable and stylish.

1: Sole Design

Blundstone 587 features a synthetic TPU sole and PU midsole to help protect your feet from slipping. Additionally, the sole features shock-absorbing technology as well as an air-cushioned heel for added protection against impact and fatigue. On the other hand, the Blundstone 585 sole is purely made of rubber, offering superior cushioning and support.

2: Leather Material

The upper portion of the Blundstone 587 features premium tanned leather material for superior durability and water resistance, while the upper of the Blundstone 585 only includes a lighter-weight leather material that is quite less durable.

3: Removable Footbeds

Another difference between the Blundstone 587 and 585 is its footbed variability. Blundstone 587 has Comfort EVA removable footbeds that are customizable to meet the owner’s foot shape and size. Whereas, Blundstone 585 features removable footbeds that are less versatile than its counterpart.

4: Pull-on Closure Type

The Blundstone 587 features a full elastic side gusset and back and front pull-on tabs that allow for easy slipping on and off. Whereas, the Blundstone 585 only has a pull-on closure type.

5: Notable Price Difference

Finally, although they are very similar shoes overall, there is also a notable price difference between them. Classic Blundstone 587 comes with prices ranging from just under $135 up to $260 depending on where you shop, while Blundstone 585 Chelsea boots price is about $200.

Similarities Between Products 1 & 2

The fashion world has gone crazy over the Blundstone 587 and 585 styles! Both are ultra-stylish, sturdy leather boots that come in aesthetic colors, but how exactly do they similar? Well, here is all the detail.

1: Comfortability and Style

Both the Blundstone 587 and 585 are part of the 500-series collection, which is a popular range of boots that blends comfort, durability, versatility, and style. As such, both models offer wearers excellent quality and protection against a variety of elements and conditions. 

2: Upper Construction Material

Both feature premium leather uppers in either black or dark brown colors with elastic sides that provide a snug fit and make them easy to slip on and off. Also, both boots have a removable footbed that provides superior cushioning for all-day comfort. 

3: Durable Soles

Additionally, both models are fitted with durable synthetic rubber soles that offer outstanding traction for added stability in slippery conditions as well as maximum shock absorption when walking over rough surfaces or uneven terrain. 

4: Color Availability               

There are slight variations in color options when it comes to choosing between these two models of Blundstone. But Blundstone 587 and 585 come only in rustic brown colors that can be great additions to certain wardrobe collections. 

Which is Best for You?

Whether you choose the Blundstone 587 or 585, both models offer a great combination of form and function for wearers. But if you’re looking for superior cushioning and comfort, then the Blundstone 587 is the ideal choice. And if you’re on a budget but still want a quality boot, then Blundstone 585 may be best suited to your needs. Whichever style you decide on, these boots will make each step comfortable and stylish!

Overall, whether it’s fashion or functionality that matters most, the Blundstone 587 and 585 are both excellent choices to make sure your feet stay happy through any journey. With their unique designs and features, they are a perfect fit whether you’re out for a night in the city or off on an adventure.

Related Questions:

Do Blundstone boots stretch slightly?

Yes, Blundstone boots do stretch slightly to conform to your feet. However, they are not expected to stretch dramatically and the fit should remain snug. Plus, make sure you try on your boots while standing, with socks or stockings when you plan to wear them.

Does Blundstone 587 have better cushioning?

The Blundstone 587 features comfort EVA removable footbeds that offer superior cushioning for all-day comfort. As such, it is the ideal choice if you’re looking for superior cushioning and comfort from your boots.

Can I wear these Blundstone boots in wet conditions?

Yes, both models are equipped with a waterproof leather upper that repels water and keeps your feet dry. Plus, the durable synthetic-rubber sole offers outstanding traction for added stability in slippery conditions.

Is Blundstone 585 Chelsea boot nubuck?

Yes, the Blundstone 585 features a premium nubuck leather upper that offers great style and protection against the elements. This premium leather upper is in either black or dark brown colors with elastic sides that provide a snug fit and make them easy to slip on and off.

Should Blundstones be either tight or loose?

Blundstone boots should fit snugly, but not too tightly. Make sure the boot is comfortable when you first put it on and that there’s no pinching or rubbing around your ankle or toes. The elastic sides should provide a secure fit that won’t slip off, but also allows your feet to breathe and move comfortably.


In conclusion of Blundstone 587 vs 585, the Blundstone 587 and 585 are both great models for any lifestyle. They offer superior durability and comfort, making them ideal for any terrain or condition. Both come in classic rustic brown colors that make a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. With the slight differences between their design features, you can choose which style best suits your needs and budget. Whatever your choice is, these boots will keep your feet comfortable while looking stylish!

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