Blundstone 587 vs 510 – Which One Is Better

If you are smartly dressed in the Blundstone boot, you can experience superior comfort and quality. But deciding between two different pairs of the same brand can be a tough quest. You don’t need to worry, as we have done decisive research and analysis on the key features of both Blundstone 587 and 510. From comfort level and construction to traction and durability, this blog post will break down everything there is to know about these stylish boots. By exploring this writing content it will be easy for you to make an informed decision about Blundstone 587 vs 510 which boot is right for your needs. So sit back, relax and let us guide you through these classic boots.

Blundstone 587 vs 510

Let’s start a comparison of Blundstone 587 vs 510

Blundstone is a family-owned brand of sturdy and unique boots in Tasmania, Australia, since 1870. For over 130 years, it has been producing hundreds of go-anywhere and do-anything legends with quality, integrity, and authenticity in mind every single day. The two most popular boots of its series are the 587 and 510 models. Both these iconic staples have their distinctive features, pros, and cons which makes them opposite to one another.

Whether we’re talking about utility or comfort, some definite differences might play into which boot will be just right for your daily needs. To help you decide on the perfect footwear, let’s start with a comparison between the two all-time favorites, the Blundstone 587 vs 510. Let’s take a closer look at both styles so that you can arrive at an informed decision in no time at all.

Best Pick

Blundstone BL587 Classic Chelsea Boot

Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot

  • Fabric Type : 100% Leather
  • Sole Material : Synthetic
  • Shaft Height 6 Inches

Staff Pick

Blundstone Women's Blundstone 510 Black Boot

Blundstone 510 Black Boot

  • Fabric Type : 100% Leather
  • Sole Material : Manmade
  • Shaft Height : 4.75 Inches

1: Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot

The Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is the perfect combination of style and performance. Featuring a premium-tanned leather upper and twin-needle reinforced quality stitching, these comfortable boots provide superior durability and long-lasting wear. The sturdy front and back pull-on tabs make it easy to slip them on and off with ease, while the elastic goring retains its shape for a snug fit that won’t leave your feet feeling tired or uncomfortable.

Moreover, Blunstone 587 Boots has a removable Comfort EVA footbed for superior shock absorption and cushioning. For even more comfort, this boot also features PORON XRD in the heel strike zone to dissipate heel strike shock, alongside a polyurethane midsole that provides excellent stability.

Therefore, whether you’re heading to work or out for an adventure, the Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is sure to keep up with your needs and provide you with lasting comfort all day long.


Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is constructed with many features such as premium leather upper, PU midsole and TPU outsole, and removable footbed. Let’s explore them in detail.

  • 1: Premium Leather Upper  This boot features a high-grade Australian premium leather upper that is sure to stand up against the elements. This leather can withstand anything from light rain to wet snow and even heavy downpours. Plus, it is treated with a special weatherproofing solution that helps the leather repel water while remaining breathable.
  • 2: PU Midsole and TPU Outsole The midsole of the Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is comprised of polyurethane foam, which allows for superior cushioning and long-lasting comfort throughout the day. Additionally, it has a thermoplastic polyurethane outsole for extra durability and protection against wear and tear. This combination of materials makes this boot particularly resistant to damage over time and gives it an impressive lifespan despite its lightweight design. 
  • 3: Removable Footbed A removable footbed is included in the Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot so you can adjust it to your personal preferences. This feature allows you to customize the fit of your boot whether you have wide or narrow feet, as well as provide additional cushioning if needed.
  • 4: Steel Shank Support  The Blundstone 587 offers superior stability through its steel shank support system. This provides excellent arch support while reducing overall fatigue over long periods of wear by distributing pressure points evenly across the entire footbed.
  • 5: Superior Shock Absorption Finally, this boot features advanced shock-absorbing technology with its Poron XRD in its heel strike zone which significantly reduces impact when walking or running on hard surfaces. In addition to providing exceptional cushioning during physical activities such as running or hiking, Poron XRD also ensures a superior grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is best for both work and adventure.
  • Made up of Premium-tanned leather upper.
  • Featuring front and gear pull-on tabs for easy wearability.
  • Includes removable EVA footbed for added comfort.
  • Featuring a hydrolysis-resistant Thermo urethane outsole.
  • The leather initially feels snug, but quickly becomes quite comfy.
  • For a Wide fit, Blundstone advises ordering one-half size larger of this boot.
Final Verdict

Overall, the Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable shoe with exceptional shock absorption and durability. It’s made from high-quality materials that are sure to last and its removable footbed makes it easy to customize for your individual needs. So whether you’re heading out on an adventure or just simply want quality boots for everyday wear, the Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot is an excellent choice. 

2: Blundstone 510 Black Boot

The Blundstone 510 Boot is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a classic, stylish boot that can be worn both casually and for work. The 100% weatherproof leather upper and full-length cushion footbed provides maximum comfort during long days of wear, while the shock-absorbing PU sole offers excellent traction on wet, slippery surfaces.

Additionally, an elastic gore insert makes it easy to slip on and off without sacrificing a tight fit. This boot is also resistant to common workplace hazards such as hydrocarbons, fat, and acid, so you can rest assured that it won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

Ans with superior performance and unmatched durability, the Blundstone 510 Boot stands out from the competition. So whether you’re trekking up a mountain or wading through deep mud, the Blundstone 510 Boot has got your feet covered.


Blundstone 510 Black Boot is a combination of fashion and function featuring some marvelous features. These include:

  • 1: Weather-proof Leather Upper – The upper of the Blundstone 510 Black Boot is constructed from premium weather-proof leather for an unbeatable combination of durability and style. This leather upper is designed to stand up and retain its look in tough climates and everyday wear.
  • 2: Manmade Polyurethane Sole The Blundstone 510 Black Boot features a manmade injection-molded dual-density polyurethane sole. This sole is designed to provide superior cushioning, support, and traction on any surface. Plus, it also offers shock absorption without compromising flexibility or grip.
  • 3: Pull-on Tabs Closure System The pull-on tabs closure system of the Blundstone 510 Black Boot makes it easy to slip on and off quickly. The tabs are strategically placed front and back of the boot so you can easily grab hold and pull them up for a snug fit that keeps your feet secure yet comfortable at all times. 
  • 4: Shaft Height And Circumference The Blundstone 510 Black Boot features a shaft height measuring 4.75 inches with an approximate circumference of 9.7 inches allowing it to cover part of your leg while still keeping a stylish silhouette in place without looking too bulky around your ankle area.
  • 5: Backed by 1 Year Warranty  These boots come backed by a one-year warranty so you can be sure that if anything does go wrong you will have replacements sent directly to your door free of charge. This gives you extra peace of mind for those tough jobs or outdoor adventures.
  • Lightweight and best for both casual and work usage.
  • Constructed with a weather-proof leather upper.
  • Featuring Manmade Polyurethane sole for superior cushioning, support, and traction.
  • Come with Pull-on tabs closure system for easy on/off.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Provides insufficient support to people with high arches.
  • Available in only one black color.
Final Verdict

The Blundstone 510 Black Boot is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a classic and stylish boot that can be worn both casually and for work. The all-weather leather upper and the PU sole provide superior comfort and traction on wet, slippery surfaces. Additionally, the 1-year warranty is a great bonus to have in case of any mishaps. All things considered, the Blundstone 510 Black Boot is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality boot that is both stylish and functional.

Comparison Table Between Blundstone 587 and 510

Here is the comparison table of the two topmost models of Blundstone, the 587 and 510 so you can get the perfect boots for your style and personality.



Blundstone 587

Blundstone 510

Manufactured with Australian premium weather-resistant leather upper

Featuring a weatherproof 100% fabric leather upper construction

Synthetic Sole, polyurethane midsole, and thermoplastic polyurethane outsole

Manmade injection-molded dual-density polyurethane soles

Arch support

Featuring a steel shank and Removable Comfort EVA footbed for maximum arch support

Provides mild arch support with removable footbeds

Height: 6 inches

Circumference: 10.25 inches

Height: 4.75 Inches

Circumference: 9.7 inches

Shoe laces

Easy to put on or take off with sturdy front and back pull-on tabs

Come with elastic side panels and front and back pull-on tabs for closure

Differences Between Blundstone 587 and 510

Blundstone 587 and 510 models have unique features to offer which make buying more tricky. To help you learn more about Blundstone 587 and 510 and decide on the perfect one for your needs, we have listed below some of their main distinctions.

1: Upper Leather Material 

The 587 model features a premium tanned leather upper, giving it an exquisite look and feel. This material is known for its durability and strong resistance to the elements. On the other hand, the 510 model has a 100% fabric leather upper that gives it a more lightweight and flexible structure.

2: Sole Material

The Blundstone 587 boast a lightweight synthetic sole that offers excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. While Blundstone 510 boot features manmade injection-molded dual-density polyurethane soles, which will provide superior cushioning and traction.

3: Arch Support

The arch support on the 587 models is designed to be more supportive than its counterpart. It features a steel shank in addition to cushioning footbed to provide excellent arch support for wearers of all types. The 510 model only comes with cushioning removable footbed, which provides mild arch support. 

4: Shaft Height

The 587 model’s shaft is 6 inches, which provides more coverage and protection for your leg. The 510 model has a shorter 4.75 inches shaft that can still cover part of your leg but does not provide as much coverage as the 587.

5: Shock Absorption 

When it comes to shock absorption, the two models differ significantly in terms of the features provided. The 587 model has Poron XRD incorporated into its heel pad, making it very effective at absorbing shock and providing additional cushioning. The 510 lacks this feature and has only footbeds to prevent shocks on uneven terrains.  

6: Color

The last major difference between these two models is color selection. The 587 model comes in rustic black while the 510 has black color upper and sole. Both are fairly neutral colors that will work well with various outfit combinations and styles but they do offer distinctly different aesthetics.

Similarities Between Blundstone 587 and 510

Whether you’re out adventuring in the city or exploring nature trails, the 587 and 510 iconic shoes will make sure your feet stay cozy. Here are some common things between these products. 

1: Durable and Waterproof Leather Construction

Both the Blundstone 587 and 510 feature a durable and waterproof leather construction. This supple, premium leather upper acts as a barrier to protect your feet from the elements, while still allowing them to breathe naturally. 

2: Removable Footbed

Another feature shared by the two models is their removable footbeds. The 587 and 510 both come with cushioning and comfortable footbeds that can be removed for easy cleaning or replaced when needed.

3: Pull-on Tabs Closure System

Each pair of Blundstone boots comes equipped with a convenient pull-on tabs closure system which makes taking them off just as easy as putting them on. This closure system is exceptionally secure and provides a comfortable fit

4: Price

Lastly, no matter which model you decide to go with, you can rest assured that your feet will be well taken care of by either the 587 or 510 models. Both offer superior comfort and protection at an average price of $200 which is not suitable for all the extraordinary features of the 587 and 510 models.

Which is Best for You Blundstone 587 or 510?

If you are in a rush and want to choose the best between Blundstone 587 vs 510, then the Blundstone 587 Classic Chelsea Boot will be the perfect recommended choice for you. It offers a sleek design with its premium tanned leather upper and steel shank for arch support. In addition to this, the pull-on tabs closure system of Blundstone 587 provides a secure fit while the rustic black color looks great with any outfit. Moreover, this boot comes with the Poron XRD shock absorption technology that ensures maximum comfort on any terrain. To top it all, this Chelsea boot has high positive customer reviews and ratings in comparison to the Blundstone 510 boots.

Relevant Questions

What do Blundstone numerals signify?

Blundstone numbers are a way to differentiate the different models and styles offered by Blundstone. For example, 587 and 510 are two different models that offer slightly different features and design elements. 

What is the difference between Blundstone 587 and 510? 

The major difference between these two models is the material construction. The 587 features a waterproof leather upper with a steel shank for arch support, while the 510 has a lightweight suede and canvas construction. In addition, the 587 comes in rustic black while the 510 has black color upper and sole.

Are Blundstone boots waterproof?

Yes, both the 587 Classic Chelsea Boot and 510 Boot offer a waterproof leather construction that will protect your feet from the elements. Additionally, each model also has dense soles which provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.  

Which boot of Blundstone is more comfortable?

The 587 Classic Chelsea Boot has been designed with comfort in mind. It comes with a removable footbed and Poron XRD shock absorption technology for maximum comfort even on uneven terrain. In addition, the pull-on tabs closure system ensures the perfect fit to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Are Blundstone 587 and 510 boots expensive?

No, both the 587 and 510 models are reasonably priced at around $200. Considering all of the features they offer, this is a great price for such quality boots.  The best part is that with proper care, these boots will last you for years to come!  That means you can enjoy long-lasting comfort and durability for an excellent value.  

Do Blundstone boots run true to size? 

Yes, Blundstone boots typically fit true-to-size, so be sure to check the size chart before purchasing. Additionally, with their pull-on tabs closure system, these boots offer a comfortable fit that will not feel too tight or loose on your feet. 

Does Blundstone offer a warranty?

Yes, all Blundstone products come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. If you experience any issues or defects within the first year, simply contact their customer service team and they will be happy to help you. 


Choosing between “Blundstone 587 vs 510” is not an easy task. Blundstone 587 and 510 boots are excellent choices for anyone looking for stylish and comfortable footwear. Although they feature different materials and designs, both provide superior comfort and performance when you’re out on adventures. The decision ultimately comes down to your style preferences and needs as well as which features you prioritize most. Whether it’s the 587’s waterproof leather upper or the 510’s lightweight construction, it’s impossible to go wrong with either of these great models. Read this comprehensive guide and pick the perfect pair for your next adventure.

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