Blundstone 1609 vs 550 – Which Boot Is Right for You?

Boots are essential for many professions, outdoorsmen, and fashion enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a new pair of boots, Blundstone should be at the top of your list. They’re stylish, comfortable, and durable. Blundstone is a brand of footwear that originated in Tasmania, Australia in the year 1870. It is widely regarded as being one of the most reputable brands in the Southern Hemisphere.

The firm got its start providing boots to Australian troops during World Wars I and II; nevertheless, it wasn’t until 1969 that it produced its most recognizable shoe, the 500 Series Chelsea boot. The 500 Series Chelsea boot is a lace-up ankle boot with a Chelsea silhouette.

The traditional Chelsea boot was reimagined by Blundstone as an earthier and casual footwear option. The laceless design was a blend of the minimalist look that was present in the company’s early casual footwear with the rugged durability that was seen in its work boots. People may be seen wearing footwear similar to these throughout the world.

When looking for a new pair of boots, it is important to understand the difference between the two most popular types: Blundstone 1609 vs 550. Both are popular choices, but they have different features that may make one better suited for your needs than the other. In this blog post, we will compare the two boots to help you make the best decision for your needs. Although both boots have their pros and cons, one may be a better fit for you than the other. Keep reading to find out more!

Best Pick

Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot

  • Shaft : 5 in
  • Weight : 14 oz
  • Circumference  11 in

Staff Pick

Blundstone 1609 Men's Chelsea Boot

Blundstone 1609 Men’s Chelsea Boot

  • Lining : Leather
  • Closure : Slip-on
  • Sole : Rubber 

Let’s start a comparison between Blundstone 1609 vs 550.

The Blundstone 1609 and 550 both offer high-quality, stylish boots. They both boast a sturdy construction, with their upper made of premium leather. They also have an oil-resistant sole and a shock-absorbing heel for long-lasting comfort. 1609 has the additional advantage of being waterproof, making it ideal for wet weather activities. Let’s take a look at their other features and determine which boot is the better choice.

Blundstone 1609 Men’s Chelsea Boot

The Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot offers a combination of style and comfort that can’t be beaten. Combining premium leather upper material with a comfortable slip-on design, this boot ensures you’ll look your best while having all-day comfort. The removable XRD heel unit offers additional footbeds for customized fit adjustment, and the PU midsole ensures enhanced cushioning and support. With its timeless look, you can easily pair the Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot with any outfit or occasion – perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you’re heading to a meeting or out to lunch, this stylish boot will make sure you look your best while feeling comfortable all day long. Crafted with the highest quality materials and made in either USA or imported, this stylish boot is sure to be a favorite for seasons to come


  • Footbed is removable – The Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot features a removable footbed, allowing for easy cleaning and a custom fit.
  • Insoles are replaceable – The Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot comes with removable insoles meaning that they can be replaced or upgraded for customized comfort and support.
  • Ultra-light – The Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot is designed with lightweight and flexible construction, making carrying and wearing these boots comfortable.
  • Impermeability to water – The upper is made of premium leather that has been treated to increase its water resistance, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in any weather.
  • Diffusely rounded nose – The Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot has a diffusely rounded nose that adds to the overall style and design of the boot. The rounded shape helps give it a classic look.
  • A grip that can bend The Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot is designed with a flexible rubber sole that can bend and conform to your movements for greater comfort.
  • Indestructible – This boot is built to last due to its sturdy construction and premium materials. Its slip-on closure makes it easy to take on and off while the XRD heel unit provides a comfortable fit.
  • Synthetic material with rubber sole.
  • High-quality leather.
  • Upper arch to Ankle-high.
  • Slip-on style footbed.
  • XRD heel unit insole Removable insole
  • Little more clumsy, and also heavier.
Final verdict

The Blundstone 1609 is a laid-back and casual shoe that yet has an attractive appearance. The shoe’s trademark black elastic combined with the upper’s antique brown leather creates a mix that is both fashionable. The uppers of 1609 have brand labels are sewn into them, which makes putting them on quite easy.

Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot

The Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot is the perfect boot for any occasion. This stylish boot features a rustic brown leather upper and durable synthetic rubber sole, making them ideal for outdoor adventures or everyday wear. The Blundstone 550 is a boot that is made for both men and women. The Chelsea boot is fashioned from premium soft leather and has a leather and synthetic material inside for optimal wearer comfort. The traditional look, with elasticized gussets and pull tabs make putting on and taking off the garment as easy as possible. A pair of boots with rubber outsoles and soft insoles will cushion your steps without adding extra weight to your step. Because the soles are constructed of rubber, you won’t be able to slide even while walking on uneven surfaces.

Further, panels, ankles, and heels are all stitched in a contrasting color, giving the shoe a unique look. Leather with the coloration of Walnut Brown is now available. With a range of sizes available, there’s sure to be an option to suit everyone’s needs. Crafted with comfort and style in mind, these boots are designed to last for many years to come. Whether you’re looking for a classic boot to wear on a night out or something sturdy and reliable for trekking in the woods, the Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot is sure to be your perfect companion. Take charge of your style with these timeless boots!  Uplift any ensemble with the Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot. Experience quality, comfort, and style with every step you take!


  • Leather lining inside the gloves – The BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot is crafted with a leather lining for superior comfort and breathability.
  • Removable EVA/Poron insoles – The removable EVA/Poron insoles provide cushioning and shock absorption for increased comfort.
  • Elastic sides – The elastic sides add stretch and flexibility, making it easy to slip the boots on and off with ease.
  • Water-resistant leather upper – The water-resistant leather upper is durable, breathable, and comfortable.
  • Easy on/off with the elastic gore stretch fabric – The Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot features an elastic gore stretch fabric, making it easy to slip on and off. It also offers the perfect fit for all foot types, allowing your feet to breathe freely.
  • Heel fit improved by heat molding – The Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boot features a heat molding heel fit that helps you keep your foot snug and secure while walking.
  • Outsoles made from a dual-density – The outsoles are made from a dual-density Thermo polyurethane that is waterproof, lightweight, resilient and has excellent grip.
  • Shock Protection System – By absorbing impact away from the heel, the Shock Protection System (SPS) Xtra relieves pressure off the feet, knees, and back.
  • Super comfortable with the inserts.
  • Non-slip sole providing excellent grip.
  • High-quality construction lasting for many years.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Provides great ankle support.
  • The leather on the upper is not full grain
Final verdict

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss the boots themselves. There is a solid reason why the Classic 550s from Blundstone is one of the brand’s most popular goods in terms of sales. Although they have the same outward appearance as the Blundstone Original 550s, the additional cushioning in these shoes makes them far more comfortable to wear.

Because they are Chelsea boots, rather than having laces, they have pull tabs on the top. The tabs that allow them to be disassembled are of very sturdy construction. Even after over two years of using them, I haven’t had even a single issue with them.

Comparison Table of Blundstone 1609 vs 550

The following table provides a comparison summary of the features of Blundstone 1609 and Blundstone 550.



Blundstone 1609

Blundstone 550

2.5mm leather upper

2.5mm leather

High Density Foam

Low Density Foam

Stout Brown


Soft Synthetic lining

Highly durable TPU

Chisel Toe

Round Toe

Differences & Similarities

The fact that each pair of Blundstones has its unique model number and is part of a specific design series might make it challenging to find them in stores. I will describe the distinctions between the Original 1609 and the Classic 550 design series, which are the two principal and most popular design series that the company has to offer so that your mind does not start to spin. The great majority of the Blundstones may be placed into one of these categories, depending on how you look at it.

The Blundstone 550 series is distinguished by the use of higher-quality, more long-lasting materials and offers a level of comfort that is marginally superior. The leather that is used in the construction of the Blundstone 1609 series boots does not have a leather lining, but the leather that is used in the production of the Classic 550 series boots has a thicker outer layer and is lined with leather.

The 550s come with a removable insole in addition to the standard integrated footbed that is included with the shoe. The 550 series includes a few extra-rugged thermal pairs that are waterproof and have a removable shearling footbed. These are not the least of the series features.

One that only gets better with time. The Classic Blundstone Chelsea Boot is made from the highest quality leather and manages to provide both comfort and elegance all in one package. The 1609 Blundstone Classic in Antique Brown will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable no matter what the weather in Canada throws at you. Leather covers the inside of this item. Blundstone Boots are excellent for both men and women and may be worn year-round.

What’s best for you?

The leather Classic 1609 in antique brown is something that a lot of Blundstone customers wish they could get their hands on. It is essential to have at least one pair of brown Chelsea boots that are perfect for your feet. According to the styles that are now popular, antique brown may be styled with any other color in your wardrobe. In addition, even if you already have many pairs of Originals, you should consider adding this to your collection. The leather’s rich brown color gives the Classic 1609 a traditional appearance.

Both of the black elastic sides of the Chelsea boots are exposed to the wearer. The quality of the leather may be distinguished from one another rather clearly. These long-lasting Chelsea boots include pulling tags that make them very easy to put on and take off. There is no amount of force that can cause the pull tags to break. Because they don’t need laces, your brand new pair of Chelsea boots will be much easier to put on in a hurry than traditional boots because of this feature.

Related Questions:

What’s the difference between Blundstone models?

Blundstone models differ in their features and construction. Some of the main differences include the type of leather used, soles, waterproofing capabilities, and insulation. For instance, Blundstone’s flagship Classic model is constructed with premium full-grain leather for a rugged yet comfortable fit. The outsole is made from lightweight TPU for superior grip and shock absorption. It also features a steel shank for added stability, as well as water-resistant leather. Meanwhile, the Premium Chelsea model is constructed with comfortable elastic gussets and smooth full-grain leather upper for superior comfort and style. It also features a shock-absorbing midsole, slip-resistant outsole, and waterproof treated leather for reliable protection. Each model offers a unique combination of features that are designed to meet the needs of different wearers. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide which Blundstone model fits their lifestyle best.

What is the difference between Blundstone classic and original?

The main difference between the Blundstone Classic and Original styles is the sole. The Classic style features a durable rubber outsole with cushioning EVA midsole, while the Original style has a textured oiled leather outsole and no midsole cushioning. The Classic style provides better shock absorption and arch support than the Original. Additionally, the Classic boots come with an extra set of laces for added convenience. Both styles are crafted from premium leather and feature a slip-resistant sole, making them perfect for everyday wear. Ultimately, the choice between Classic or Original depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Which Blundstone does Kate Middleton wear?

Kate Middleton is a fan of the classic Chelsea boot from Blundstone, which she has been spotted wearing on several occasions. She typically wears the 500 styles in Stout Brown but has also been seen wearing the 500 in Black. The 500 style features elastic sides and a pull tab for easy slipping on and off, making it ideal for her busy lifestyle. Blundstone also offers other styles for both men and women, such as the 1490 Vegan Boot, the 1409 Lace-up boot, and the 062 Workboot. No matter the style you choose, you can be sure of a quality and comfortable pair of boots that will last for years.


So, in the conclusion of Blundstone 1609 vs 550, the Blundstone 1609 is a better option for those who are looking for durability and comfort. The 550 is a good choice for people who are looking for something stylish and versatile. Both shoes have their unique benefits, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference which one you choose.

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